Oscar Thoughts

So, the Oscars are tonight. Yeah. I’m sorry, I find it difficult to work up much excitement about them these days. I just don’t put much stock in them anymore. I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you like a movie, then it’s good, and if you don’t like a movie, then it’s bad. Who cares what everyone else thinks?

I have issues with the Academy Awards because to me they just seem arbitrary. So a bunch of snooty film critics or experts or whatever get together and decide what the best movies of the year are. So, if I disagree with them, am I wrong? Am I stupid? No, of course I’m not. I’m an intelligent human being, or at least I like to think I am. But why should I care what a bunch of highfalutin’ film experts think?

My favorite movies last year were The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Looper, Argo, and Skyfall. Guess how many of those movies were nominated for Oscars? Two. Argo got loads of nominations, which I have no problem with because it was a fantastic movie, and Skyfall got nominations in a bunch of the technical categories, and of course Adele’s theme song got nominated. This is all well and good, but again, who cares? In my Academy Awards, Tom Hardy would have been a shoo-in for a Best Supporting Actor nom for Dark Knight Rises, Rian Johnson would have been a shoo-in for Best Original Screenplay for Looper, and hell, maybe even nominate Skyfall for Best Picture (Javier Bardem for Best Supporting Actor also).

But it’s a given that none of these types of movies will ever get nominated for anything. Sci-fi thrillers and superhero movies never get nominated for anything. It’s kind of miraculous that a James Bond movie got nominated for anything other than Best Song. But then, it is the only Bond movie to be directed by a previous Best Director winner, so who knows? All the Academy Awards ever do is give awards to the most obvious winners.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Daniel Day-Lewis is going to win Best Actor? Probably not, and there shouldn’t be. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve to win, by all accounts he gave a fantastic performance and I have no problem with that, but if it’s all so predictable than why even bother with the ceremony and all the hullaballoo in the first place? Sure, every once in a while there’s a surprise winner, like Crash winning Best Picture a few years ago, but every time that happens it just feels like the freaking Academy is trying to prove how cool they are by going against the grain.

It’s gotten to the point where I really don’t put much, if any, stock in the Oscars anymore. To me they just feel antiquated. It’s not that I don’t think that movies should be awarded. Film is an art form that has been around for a really long time, and I hope I have made it clear to anyone that has ever happened upon this blog that I have a deep and abiding love of cinema. I just find it really hard to care about the opinions of a bunch of film critics or whatever that just seem out of touch with how regular, everyday people view movies.

Maybe I’m blowing this all out of proportion, I don’t know. I’m sure you could poke plenty of holes in just about everything I’ve said here, I’m sure my reasoning isn’t what you would call flawless. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite since I haven’t even seen most of this year’s nominated films. The only Best Picture nom I’ve seen from this year is Argo, though I do plan on seeing Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, and Les Mis eventually. There are plenty of movies that I liked a lot that have won the big awards in previous years. I loved The Hurt Locker, Slumdog Millionaire and The King’s Speech. But did they deserve the big awards more than any good movies that were released in the same year? Maybe. Maybe not.

I get that the Oscars are all big and prestigious and whatever, it just seems to me like they exist nowadays for the sole purpose of rich, beautiful, famous, glamorous people getting together and giving themselves golden freaking statues. Whoop-de-doo. Pardon me for not giving a crap. There are fun things about watching the Oscars, like seeing what kind of ridiculous things people are wearing this year, and what kind of half-assed jokes the host makes (who’s even hosting the damn thing this year? Seriously, I have no idea).

Anyway, I’m sorry this post was all ranty and bitter. If you enjoy watching the Academy Awards, I have no problem with that. If you don’t care about anything that I’ve written here, hell, I have no problem with that either. I don’t expect everyone to always agree with everything I post on this blog. If you want to disagree with me, go right ahead. I respect your opinion, and I respect your right to have one. I just wish the Oscars felt the same.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a movie to watch.


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