Technoid Goes Down Again

Hey, guess what? Technoid escaped again. Let’s see if supercop Tom Kick can get him again…

Technoid Goes Down Again

VROOOM! VROOOM! Went Technoid’s motorcycle as it sped down the streets. Weeoo! Weeoo! Went the siren on Officer Kick’s police car as it sped down the streets after him. SCREEECH! Went the tires as they zoomed down the city streets. Suddenly, Technoid screeched into a parking lot and turned around. Now he was chasing Officer Kick! “Two can play at that game!” grinned Officer Kick as he did the same thing Technoid had done. Now Technoid was being chased again! You see, Technoid had just recently escaped from prison, and Officer Kick was trying to catch him again. Then, Technoid pushed a small button on his motorcycle, and a compartment in the back opened and an assault rifle popped out! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! It went as it fired. But Officer Kick dodged each bullet until the gun was out. “My turn!” grinned Officer Kick. Then, he rolled down his window and started to fire his own gun at Technoid. BLAM! A bullet smacked into a tire on Technoid’s motorcycle. SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHH! Went Technoid’s motorcycle as it buzzed out of control. SKWA-WHOOM!!!!!!!!! Technoid’s motorcycle exploded in a huge ball of fire. He was in prison, once more.


In this one I skip the ludicrous prison escape and cut right to the chase, so to speak. This is the shortest and simplest Technoid tale, being nothing more than a short car chase.

Still, there are questions that must be asked. The most pressing relate to Technoid’s motorcycle. How exactly did he manage to conceal one of his beloved assault rifles in a motorcycle? Motorcycles aren’t that big, is he driving the Batpod from The Dark Knight?

And if Technoid had just recently escaped from prison, how the hell did he get to his bike so quickly? Did he have it stashed somewhere close to the prison in case he needed a quick getaway vehicle?

I also didn’t think much about the actual logistics of a car chase when I wrote this all those years ago. If Technoid turned around, wouldn’t he and Officer Kick be headed straight towards each other? I guess I must have figured that Technoid turned into a parking lot and then waited for Officer Kick to go by before giving chase. But why would Technoid bother chasing Officer Kick? Why not just turn the other way and put some distance between them? Again we see that for all of his pertinacity Technoid’s decision-making process leaves quite a lot to be desired.

There’s also quite a big leap at the very end of this story. How does it go from “Technoid’s bike exploded” to “Technoid was in jail” so quickly? I clearly forgot to mention the part where Technoid fell or jumped off his bike, since if he hadn’t done that he would have been toast. Like, literal toast.

Lastly, I would like to point out that my dedication to 100% accurate transcriptions of these stories was so absolute that I even counted out the exact number of E’s in SCREEEEEEECH and the exact number of exclamation points in SKWA-WHOOM!!!!!!! I never thought I would be doing that roughly fifteen years after I wrote this little story. It’s funny how life works sometimes.

Anyway, that’s it for part three. I’ve got one more of these, and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think it might be the best.


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